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2013 Work Plan


Scheduled Programs to be Implemented in the year 2013

by Uva Province Library Service Board.

1. Promotion of readers guidance activities
2. Promotion of reference library facilities
3. Promotion of lending library facilities
4. Promotion of mobile library facilities
5. Promotion of computer library facilities
6. Promotion of facilities of the newspapers section

1. Implementation of library lending services
2. Implementing library information post.
3. Implementing community library services
4. Establishment and implementation of divisional library sub committees
5. Launching of library information  skills development programs
6. implementation of library documentation services
7. implementation of library attention services
8. Implementation of library days, weeks and months
9. Launching of readers education programs
10. Obtaining facilities to implement website.
11. Preparation of library computer data base
12. Implementation of inter library cooperation program

1. Promoting Auditorium and Lecture hall facilities
2. Marketing promotion activities regarding auditorium and lecture hall facilities
3. Enhancing productivity of auditorium and lecture hall facilities
4. Enhancing auditorium and lecture hall facility internal and external environment development
5. Reorganization of provincial library art gallery.

1. Maintain activities of building complex
2. Repairing activities of building complex
3. Repairing activities of furniture and other equipment
4. Maintenance activities of electronic technological appliance
5. Vehicle repair activities
6. Vehicle maintenance activities
7. Construction of a gaurage for vehicle    
8. Repairing activities of computer library
9. Maintenance activities of computer
10. Implementation of partition activities
11. Construction of a roof for outdoor reading hall
12. Landscaping around building premises.
13. Interior decoration of the building
14. Collour washing of the building complex
15. Repairing safety fence.
16. Purchasing documents and office equipment
17. Covering academic division of the library
18. Purchasing furniture for library.
19. repairing sanitary facilities             
20. Separating area for common facilities in the cafeteria
21. Document preservation, disposal, reestablishment

1. Purchasing books for library
2. Purchasing Tamil books for a Tamil media collection
3. Purchasing electronic publications
4. Purchasing journals
5. Purchasing government publication
6. Purchasing newspapers

1. Recruitment of staff
2. Staff training program
3. Training programs for librarians in the province
4. Training of readers club animators
5. Awaring counseling committee activities

1. Maximization of the income of Uva Province Library Services Board
2. Minimization of expenditures of the Uva Province Library Services Board.
3. Further regularization of the financial management
4. Further regulate accounting procedure
5. Management of provisions received by Minister of Education
6. Attention for obtaining financial aids and donations
7. Obtain concession by nongovernmental agents
1. Invite director board meetings
2. Invite advisory committees meetings
3. Establish and implement divisional sub committees
4. Confer with chairmans and secretaries of local bodies.
5. Confer with Library coordinating directors of zonal education officers of Uva Province
6. Conduct Staff meetings
7. Survey and  evaluation activities within the library services board of Uva Province
8. Survey and evaluation activities regarding library services of the Uva Province
9. Supervision activities on libraries in the Uva Province
10. Activities on Public relations of libraries in Uva Province
11. Launching of institutional, administrative and management strategies
12. Launching of library research activities.

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